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WinKawaks Dat

Last updated: 30th June 2004


Although WinKawaks is capable of creating a ClrMamePro or RomCenter data file itself, the CAESAR database needs year and manufacturer information to be included. This is one of the reasons that I have created a WinKawaks data file. Also, although it might seem a lot of effort to create a data file from scratch it does have the benefit that it can be compared against the auto-generated one for spotting ROM errors in Kawaks itself.

Initial Creation (which won't need to be done again)

This was done using an old version of DatUtil and the techniques are no longer relevant. I haven't got the inclination to explain how I would go about this task now so I will just skip this section and move on to how I update the data file!

Data File Updates

Identifying Necessary Changes

Thankfully the automatic data file generation of WinKawaks makes life pretty easy when doing updates.

All that needs to be done is a comparison made between my last public data file and the auto-generated data file of the new WinKawaks (use MAMEDiff with the -v option). Any differences reported then they need to be rectified by copy and pasting details from the MAME, Neo-Geo or CPS-2 data files. The new WinKawaks data file can then loaded into CMPro and your ROM collection updated to match. After updating your ROM collection, if the WinKawaks internal audit reports all is well then the CMPro data file can be run through DatUtil to create a RomCenter data file.

Final Notes

There are a few benefits to maintaining my own data file for WinKawaks:

1) CAESAR gets its year and manufacturer information.
2) CRC and size errors in WinKawaks can be spotted and reported to the author.
3) SHA1 and MD5 checksums can be added to the data file if I wish.