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Thousands of games for Older Emus 20080420

You can view the contents of the ZIP prior to downloading.

Download Older Emus dat for CMPro + RC3 (1267KB)



15 July 2008 - Added "forcepacking" to a couple of the XML data files.

20 April 2008 - Now using Generic XML for CMPro + RC3.

1 April 2008 - Added Hornet r060215. Added XORs for avspa (Calice v0.6.6). Added color prom information for sheriff (Laser v0.20a).
Added forcenodump to various data files, changed forcezipping to forcepacking and added full headers.

8 April 2007 - Added Nebula Jukebox v2.9.

5 January 2007 - Added Crystal System Emulator v1.1, Pacifi3D v0.3, Tickle Rebound Edition.

21 August 2006 - NeoJukeBox v2.7 - Updated the newer Neo-Geo games to match MAME v0.104
Viva Nonno v22.0.3 - Added missing SHA-1 information (taken from MAME v0.105)
Nebula Model 2 v0.9b - Updated supplement to match MAME v0.108

12 October 2005 - Added Radikal Bikers Emulator v0.9, PIE v1.12 and SIDE.
Corrected SHA-1 error in JAS-SYS1 b1.2.

31 July 2005 - Added AsteroidsGL, BattleZoneGL, TempestGL.
Updated Laser v0.20a, Retrovaders v1.02, Sideway v0.22a, VAntAGE v1.12.

30 January 2005 - Updated SledgeHammer, Final Burn and System 16.

16 January 2005 - Updated Calice, Modeler (just cosmetic) and NeoJukeBox.

4 January 2005 - Updated ASTGL, Calice, DSP, JAS-SYS1 and the Final Burn Supplements. Added Playscott and OldSpark.

25 October 2004 - Added Nebula Model 2 and removed Zinc (v1.0 recently released).

1 August 2004 - Added NeoJukeBox and QPlayer. Added missing SHA1 information to Modeler (full sets).

11 July 2004 - Added SHA1 information.

5 February 2004 - Added S11Emu, CottAGE, Final Burn and Viva Nonno.
ROM redumps affect GalEmu, Hoot and NeoRAGEx.

21 September 2003 - Added Calice, Laser, Mimic, Modeler, Sega System 24, U64Emu, Zinc, Hoot and TinyEmu to the archive.

6 May 2003 - Added ACE, SledgeHammer, YAAME and GXP to the archive.

18 January 2003 - Removed reference to the non-existent neogeo resource from Gekko Teaser.
Removed duplicated ROMs from MMSnd v0.36b10,
and Ben Jos added years, improved manufacturer names and corrected some bad CRCs.
Changed title of vf2a (it is not Revision A) in Virtua.
Added ThunderForce AC (Bootleg) to ROMBuild for Sega System C2 Emulator v0.2b,
and replaced the bad dump of 1.bin with the good dump from MAME v0.63 (bit 7 was stuck).
Added Mikie and SiEmu v1.03 (although these emulators are recent, the dats can live here!).

13 October 2002 - Removed U64Emu 1+2 (it is now new again)!
Added MultiPac v0.8, Lady Bug Arcade Machine Emulator v0.5,
Mr. Do! Arcade Machine Emulator and Pengo Arcade Machine Emulator v0.5.

3 October 2002 - Updated Retrocade v1.2 b2 and EMU v2.3 to use the new Black Widow dump in MAME v0.61.
Finished the Cinelator 95 Beta dat.
Changed V2 sound ROM in NeoRAGEx's Savage Reign to match MAME v0.61.
Removed redundant merge information from RAGE v0.9, VAntAGE v1.11, Gekko Teaser.
Added MMSnd v0.36b10 and U64Emu 1+2.

8 May 2002 - Updated VAntAGE to use the new Crush Roller colour PROM of MAME v0.60.
Also updated JAS, JAS-Dig Dug 2 and Retrocade to use the new Dig Dug 2 colour PROM of MAME v0.60.

23 March 2002 - Updated JAS, JAS-Dig Dug 2 and Retrocade to use the new Dig Dug 2 colour PROM of MAME v0.59.

23 March 2002 - Updated VAntAGE and GalEmu to use the new Pisces colour PROM.

2 January 2002 - Slightly modified wjammers in NeoRAGEx.

19 December 2001 - Added The NewZealand Story, Callus (Patched), SNAMEW and tROMbone as they are all over six months old now.

18 November 2001 - Changed Psychic Force sample ROM in the Impact data file (Impact sets contain a bad dump).

11 November 2001 - Modified Retrocade and NeoRAGEx to use new dumps in MAME v0.56.

13 October 2001 - Added Toki. Removed Laser and NeoJukeBox. Modified NeoRAGEx.

13 August 2001 - Added Laser 0.16, VAntAGE 1.11 and made a variety of changes (see included text file).

8 June 2001 - Added Speed Freak CRCs to Cinelator 95 dat.

5 May 2001 - Moved dat for Virtua into the archive.

13 April 2001 - Moved dats for Sega System 16 Emulator, VisualAM and WinGorf into the archive.

4 April 2001 - Changed the Impact dat for RomCenter 2 (wasn't being handled as intended).

17 March 2001 - Updated Xevious Emulator and HiVE dats (see notes within archive).

11 March 2001 - Updated QPlayer, NeoJukeBox, Rockulator++, Replay, RAGE and SonSon dats (see notes within archive).

1 March 2001 - Updated QSound Player, QPlayer, NeoJukeBox and NeoRAGEx dats (see notes within archive).

6 February 2001 - Removed VAntAGE v1.0 and converted all dats to to ROMCenter 2 format.

18 January 2001 - A few minor changes (see readme).

20 December 2000 - Fixed kotm in NeoRAGEx dat (MAME ROMs).

18 December 2000 - Added 14 new dats (see included notes).

8 December 2000 - Initial Release.