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I wrote a document sometime in January 2001 to help out a few people who could compile MAME but also wanted to compile RAINE. At that time, MAME and RAINE needed different versions of Allegro (A Low Level Game Routines Library) so I wrote the documents in such a way that MAME and RAINE could easily be compiled without the need for two separate DJGPP environments. The latest documents now explain how to compile the Windows versions of MAME and RAINE with a single MinGW environment.

Important: These documents have been well tested by various non-development members of the RAINE team. I have released them in the hope that you may find them useful and to give you a better understanding of MinGW. If you have difficulties in understanding these instructions then please don't mail me directly asking for help as I am usually too busy to answer! I am sure you will find suitable assistance in the MAME and RAINE message boards.


Compiling MAME and Compiling RAINE32

Listed below is an old document explaining how to download the RAINE source from SourceForge.
However, I suggest that you do not use this guide and just download the source from the RAINE home page!

Downloading the RAINE source using CVS or using jCVS ( JAVA CVS)