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6th March 2002

1. Installing jCVS

Firstly, download jCVS and extract it to your PC using WinZip or similar.

You can then run jCVS by double-clicking on 'jCVS-5.3.1/bin/jcvsii.jar' (so long as you have Sun's Java runtime environment installed).

2. Downloading the RAINE Source

Click on the 'Checkout' tab and fill in the fields as below. Note that if you do not have your own user name (i.e. you are not a member of the RAINE team) then you must use 'anonymous' and 'PServer' (not 'SSHServer').

Press 'Checkout Module' and once it has finished you should see something similar to this:

Also, it will have opened up a project window showing the source tree that has been created:

3. Add RAINE to your Work Bench

Without closing the project window, select 'Work Bench' as shown below:

Switch back to the project window and select 'File->Add to Work Bench...'.

Fill in the definition fields as shown below:

You should now have 'RAINE Source Code' within your Work Bench.

4. Specify your Default Editor

If you want to edit files from within jCVS, select 'File->Edit Preferences...'.

Under 'Actions->Verb Commands', add a new type '._DEF_.edit' and specify your desired editor (e.g. notepad). You should also set up a default verb command for '' (the default verb when you double click on a project file).

5. Log In and Play!

Now everything is set up you can start to play. Close your project window then double click on 'RAINE Source Code'.

Enter your username (probably 'anonymous' with an empty password):

To edit a file, right-click it and select 'Edit File'.

To refresh your source with the very latest from SourceForge, select 'Project->Update'.

That's pretty much all you'll need to know, unless you're a member of the RAINE team who actually needs to 'commit' their changes back to SourceForge.