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ImgChk has been created for the use of people that supply images for emulator frontends (e.g. icons, snaps, cabinets, marquees, flyers). It will verify image collections against a listinfo format datafile and can report unknown images as well as missing images. Image checks for clones and resources are optional.

Download ImgChk v2.10 (176KB)



24 March 2008 - ImgChk v2.10

- Uses DatLib v2.24.
- Fixed crash (allzip had spurious carriage returns in kyukaidk).
- DatLib 2.23 also added the Generic XML format.

26 November 2007 - ImgChk v2.9

- Uses DatLib v2.22.
- Fixed crash when loading full MESS XML (0.105 upwards).

12 November 2007 - ImgChk v2.8

- Enhanced 'AllowNonWorking' behavior when AllowClones=0

21 October 2007 - ImgChk v2.7

- Added 'AllowNonWorking' property for J.Hardy IV (default is 1).
- Uses DatLib v2.21.
- Added support for the isbios="yes" of MAME v0.117u2 onwards.

31 October 2005 - ImgChk v2.6

- Uses DatLib v2.10.
- Fixed identification of ListXML for MAME+MESS v0.101u4 onwards.

28 February 2005 - ImgChk v2.5

- Uses DatLib v2.2.
- Added support for tab delimited files.

17 August 2004 - ImgChk v2.4

- Uses DatLib v1.9.
- Improved 'AllowAlternates' (now supports '-' and '_' characters).
- Automatically ignores '.txt' files within directories and zips.
- Added all of the CrashTest snapshots to the INI file.

6 August 2004 - ImgChk v2.3

- Uses DatLib v1.9.
- Added an 'AllowAlternates' option for CrashTest snapshots.

22 July 2004 - ImgChk v2.2

- Uses DatLib v1.8.
- Removed the need for xml2info by adding my own MAME XML parser.
- A nice side effect is that names like "Alien3: The Gun" work now!

11 July 2004 - ImgChk v2.1

- Updated the source to use the new functions of DatLib v1.4.
- There is no functional change within ImgChk though.

2 July 2004 - ImgChk v2.0

- Added directory support (previously it only supported ZIPs).
- Modified to use DatLib - there are no game or ROM limits anymore!
- Also supports all DatLib formats (ListInfo, XML, RomCenter, etc).
- Note: For XML support to work, you need xml2info.exe in your path.

21 January 2003 - ImgChk v1.00

- First private release.