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ZIPFind is a useful little tool that helps you to find ZIPs that you want from a friends FTP server (or whatever).

Download ZIPFind v2.4 (179KB)



24 March 2008 - ZIPFind v2.4

- Uses DatLib v2.24.
- Fixed crash (allzip had spurious carriage returns in kyukaidk).
- DatLib v2.11 to 2.23 also contained some relevant changes:
- Added the Generic XML format.
- Fixed bug that messed up internal indices (affected crc matching)
- File identification is now done by loading just the first 4KB.
- Fixed a rare crash (if the longest line in the dat was the last).

31 October 2005 - ZIPFind v2.3

- Uses DatLib v2.10.
- Fixed identification of ListXML for MAME+MESS v0.101u4 onwards.

22 July 2004 - ZIPFind v2.2

- Uses DatLib v1.8.
- Removed the need for xml2info by adding my own MAME XML parser.
- A nice side effect is that names like "Alien3: The Gun" work now!

11 July 2004 - ZIPFind v2.1

- Updated the source to use the new functions of DatLib v1.4.
- There is no functional change within ZIPFind though.

2 July 2004 - ZIPFind v2.0

- Modified to use DatLib - there are no game or ROM limits anymore!
- Also supports all DatLib formats (ListInfo, XML, RomCenter, etc).
- Note: For XML support to work, you need xml2info.exe in your path.

2 February 2003 - ZIPFind v1.00

- First private release.