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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


31 December 2000

ROMInfo v1.01:

Added ZIP support (to scan dats for any CRCs from a specified ZIP).

MAMEDiff v1.04:

Increased game name length from 8 to 20 (for Modeler dat).
Prefixes Neo-Geo titles with 'Neo-Geo' (so they stand out).
ROMs added to parent set are also reported for clone too.
Now spots merge changes at the same time as CRC compliment.
Added '-c' option to assist with the maintenance of CAESAR.
Included source, do not abuse!
Internal change: max of 32 flags instead of 16 (int->long).
Internal change: strcpy->strncpy to avoid memory problems.

30 December 2000

Released a new tool similar to ROMIdent:

ROMInfo is for identifying arcade ROMs and checking if they are emulated yet.
It does this using the CMPro dats from the CAESAR database and should cover every arcade game emulated so far.

27 December 2000

New/updated CMPro/ROMCenter dats:

Laser v0.15
MESS v0.37 beta 10
tROMbone v0.11

20 December 2000

CMPro/ROMCenter Dat Updates

Updated kotm in the NeoRAGEx (MAME ROMs) dat.
Updated the Virtua dats to include new information from Kayamon.

14 December 2000

CMPro/ROMCenter Dats

Uploaded dats for all the emus I added to CAESAR this week:

- 14 new dats have been added to the 'older emus' ZIPs.
- Added VisualAM dat in the 'recent' section.


Released v1.1 of ROMBuild. This adds support for two of the new arcade dats above.


Okay, it's Christmas so I'll give you the latest version of DatUtil - it's been accumulating features for quite a while now!

- Mimic HWC support.
- New format to list game titles ('-f titlelist').
- Year/Manufacturer support for formats that can include them.
- Can specify values for ROMCenter/ROMCenter2 headers.
- Remove clones factility ('-r').
- GWC loader now understands '.speech' tags (System16 Beta).
- Callus95 Patch renamed 'directory' to 'parent'. Now supported.
- Auto sorts when converting to RomCenter format or a Title List.
- Improved sorting (ensures each parent precedes it's clones).
- RAINE and MESS files are converted to CMPro format by default.
- Fixed a problem with the '-g' option and RAINE gameinfo files.
- Increased maximum ROM size to 9 characters (~1GB) for U64Emu.
- Increased number of lines scanned when identifying CMPro dats.
- Source: Added a makefile and included a SAVE_ONLY_FORMAT.
- Source: Changed parameter passing (uses a structure now).
- Preliminary: 'Verify Merging' facility (currently disabled).

12 December 2000

Added CMPro/RomCenter dats for Laser v0.14

8 December 2000

The big day has arrived and my months of hard work are now available to you all!
To celebrate this fact, you can now access this site using

First out of the blocks are a few new arcade emulator dats for CMPro and ROMCenter (about 140 of them!!!)

Next up is a new tool called ROMBuild to build those ROMs that you were never able to find.

Last and most important of all is a new emulation resource... CAESAR


6 December 2000

Uploaded dats for MAME v0.37 beta 10

...later on

Uploaded dats dats for MESS v0.37 b9

5 December 2000

Uploaded dats for Modeler and while I was at it uploaded Virtua dats also...

23 November 2000

Couldn't resist modifying this episode of Dilbert...

Can you say it doesn't apply to you? :)

21 November 2000

Uploaded dats for Callus95 v0.42 Patch 2.4 (five games added)

17 November 2000

Added 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951207) to the CPS-2 dats

Uploaded dats for the new version of WPCmame (v0.37b8 ver 5)

12 November 2000

Added Lucky Today to the dats for Mimic v1.04

Also uploaded dats for MESS v0.37 b8.

7 November 2000

Uploaded dats for MAME v0.37 beta 9

Uploaded dats for the new version of WPCmame (v0.37b8 ver 4)

31 October 2000

Uploaded dats for the new version of WPCmame (v0.37b8 ver 3)

30 October 2000

Uploaded dats for the new version of WPCmame (v0.37b8 ver 2)

27 October 2000

Added CMPro/RomCenter dats for Laser v0.13

26 October 2000

Updated the RomCenter dat for U64Emu (the HD size was incorrect but it didn't matter too much as ROMCenter currently ignores sizes).

25 October 2000

Uploaded dats for the newly released U64Emu (previously known as KIAME).

Thanks to RetroLover for making a CMPro dat while I slept. ;)

22 October 2000

Uploaded dats for the newly released version of WPCmame (v0.37b8)

20 October 2000

I'm back! I have blistered hands, aching shoulders and bruises/grazes everywhere but had a fantastic time :)

Anyway, while I'm waiting for next year I've uploaded some dats for your pleasure... Mimic v1.04 and Final Burn v0.050

Thanks to Roman for maintaining the Final Burn dat while I was away.

4 October 2000

Well, it's my last evening in the UK (for the next two weeks) 'cos I'm off to Lanzarote. :)

Q: What will the ROMCenter users do if there's a new MESS or RAINE release?
A: 'mess -listinfo >mess.dat' or 'raine -gameinfo >raine.dat', then use DatUtil to sort the dat ('-s' option) and convert to ROMCenter format.

Well, here's what I'll be up to all day (yes, it is me on the board)!


Better pack my stuff now...

3 October 2000

Another release of the CPS-2 dat... fixed an incorrect CRC in sfa3.

Now online are the dats for MAME v0.37 beta 8

Somehow Street Fighter Zero Changer got into the CPS-2 dat!
Uploaded a new dat with this game removed (only difference to the one a few hours ago).

2 October 2000

Released new CPS-2 dat to go with the latest MAME driver information (six new games added).
This also incorporates details from Naz's FAQ (v2.10)

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