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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


30 March 2002

Going away for a few days.

Kawaks and Nebula supplements will be started on when I return.

29 March 2002

The busy week of releases continues!

For every CPS2Shock action there is an equal, not opposite reaction. :)

Released a data files (including MAME supplements) for Final Burn Alpha.

Released DatUtil v1.16:

- Added Nebula driver support (useful for data file validation).
- Supports the new '0x' syntax of CMPro logs.
- ZIP scanner now removes '.Zip' from filenames (case sensitive).
- Increased maximum line length to 16384 bytes (for MAME history).
- Increased maximum number of ROMs to 75000.
- Exceeding the game or ROM limits now results in a graceful exit.
- Compiled with zlib v1.1.4

28 March 2002

Minor improvement to the Nebula data files so that they match the drivers exactly (used a new DatUtil feature).
There is now no doubt that the data file generated by Nebula contains many errors so use mine instead!

27 March 2002

Released data files for Mimic v2.00.

26 March 2002

My counter passed the 500,000 mark last night. :)

I would have passed it a long time ago if there hadn't been long periods with it out of commission though, lol.

25 March 2002

Xray1 updated the MAME Flyers data file for Flyer Pack 18.

Updated even more data files to match MAME v0.59 and Zinc v0.5:

Sony ZN-1/ZN-2, NeoJukeBox, Nebula Jukebox, QPlayer

24 March 2002

Updated the CPS-1 data files (added Dynasty Wars [World]) and the Neo-Geo data files to match MAME v0.59.

Released ROMBuild v1.12:

Changed internals for Space Invaders Galactica to match MAME v0.59.
Added support for Tower of Druaga ROMs (HiVE v1.04).

Updated a JAS, JAS-Dig Dug 2 and Retrocade data files according to MAME v0.59

Uploaded Zinc data files.

Not another problem this weekend! My upload tool uploaded the wrong Zinc data file for CMPro (RomCenter was okay). Please re-download.

John IV has updated his CMPro and RomCenter data files for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

23 March 2002

Important! If you downloaded your data files today before seeing this message then you MUST re-download them.

Uploaded MAME and MAME Changes data files for MAME v0.59

Updated the Nebula and RAINE supplementary data files for MAME v0.59

Updated a VAntAGE and GalEmu data files according to MAME v0.59:

Released ROMBuild v1.11:

Changed source to compile without modification on FreeBSD.
Changed internal Neo-Geo ROM names to match MAME v0.59.
Added support for Pisces graphics ROMs (changed in MAME v0.59):

Xcade v0.85, MacMoon v0.86, Arcade Emulator v0.7, GalEmu v40.9,
PASMulator v0.22, Replay v0.04, Rockulator++ v0.98a, SAGE v1.16,
Sparcade v2.33b, VAntAGE v1.11

20 March 2002

With so many recent CPS-2 dumps it seems worth releasing a new CPS-2 data file.

This contains all new dumps and renames so come the next CPS2Shock release it should only be simple XOR additions.

You might also like to visit my CPS-2 page to figure out what may be in the next release (see section towards the bottom).

17 March 2002

Released MAMEDiff v1.10 (minor fix release - see release notes).

Updated Nebula data files for the latest release (v2.1).

15 March 2002

Released MAMEDiff v1.09

Added the -t and -T options (brief description below).
Made CRCs case insensitive.
Minor fix to -v output.

Explanation of the -t and -T options

In addition to the -M, -S and -N options that produce CMPro dats of changed ZIPs, you can produce 'tiny' versions of the dats. This allows you to create a small supplementary dat for the new emulator that when added to the original set is 100% suitable for the new emulator (i.e. for emulators that support multiple ROM paths).

Not only can these options be used when upgrading from one version of an emu to another but they can even be used when trying to use ROMs of one emulator with another (e.g. trying to use MAME ROMs with RAINE, Kawaks or Nebula). When used in this way you can use a standard MAME ROM set and a small emulator specific 'supplementary' ROM set for the emulator of your choice.


To correspond with this release, I am re-issuing the Nebula, RAINE and WinKawaks data files to include 'MAME Supplementary' data files.

14 March 2002

Created SledgeHammer v0.02 data files.

Not quite sure why I created them as the emulator doesn't actually do much yet!

Has anyone worked out who the author is? It's not at all difficult to tell... ;)

4 March 2002

Updated Nebula Jukebox data files for the latest release (v2.0a).

3 March 2002

|Updated Nebula data files for the latest release (v2.0).

...and again for v2.0a.

As always, the data file I provide corrects functionality errors that exist in the Nebula generated one.

26 February 2002

New data files: RAINE v0.35 and ACE (thanks to CyrussD).

10 February 2002

Updated MAME Flyers data file for Flyer Pack 17.

Nine months since the last release comes MAMEDiff v1.08.
The changes in this version are definitely worth having so download it right now!!!
I'd forgot how complex it's algorithms are... :)

I also made DatUtil v1.15 back when Calice added Neo-Geo sound.
Not really a ground breaking release but you may as well have it.

7 February 2002

Rob updated the MAME Samples and MAME Artwork data files (added game titles).

6 February 2002

Uploaded MAME and MAME Changes data files (for v0.58),

Neo-Geo, MAME Samples and MAME Artwork dats.

Yet more updates... NeoJukeBox and Nebula Jukebox

John IV has updated his CMPro and RomCenter data files for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

4 February 2002

Created YAAME data files.

25 January 2002

Updated Nebula data files for the latest release (v1.97).

23 January 2002

Updated CPS-2, ACE and MAME Flyers data files.

7 January 2002

Roman made a minor fix to the MAME Flyers data files.

5 January 2002

Updated Calice data files for v0.5.2.

3 January 2002

Good news today... John IV is now issuing CMPro and RomCenter data files for his Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

I've also updated my Neo-Geo page to include some colour coding.
Remember that it is always kept up to date with the latest CPS-2 data files if you ever need to look.

2 January 2002

Updated a few data files according to MAME v0.57:

Neo-Geo, NeoJukeBox, Nebula Jukebox

Calice, NeoRAGEx

1 January 2002

* * * H A P P Y N E W Y E A R * * *

Uploaded data files for M1 v0.6, the emulator that sings DAY-TON-AAA...

New MAME has been released (about 20 minutes ago).

Uploaded MAME and MAME Changes data files.

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