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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

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3 June 2002

Data files for CottAGE v0.03.

2 June 2002

Data files for Nebula v2.15a, RAINE v0.35b, Laser v0.19.

26 May 2002

Data files for Nebula v2.15.

I'm off on business for the next week so there will be no updates during that time.

23 May 2002

Better late than never... data files for Nebula v2.14b.

Busy, busy, busy!

20 May 2002

Quick release while I have a few minutes spare:

MAMEDiff v1.13:

- Automatically detects and handles new resource ROMs.
- New resource ROMs are now included in the -t/-T output.

DatUtil v1.20:

- New resource ROMs in MAME listinfo are automatically detected.
- ClrMamePro log and Nebula driver loaders now use the STORE_ROM
macro (this makes -g work correctly, amongst other things).
- Improved -m (fix merging) behaviour for resource ROMs.
- Nebula drivers now output the correct 'romof' for Neo-Geo clones.

8 May 2002

Updated VAntAGE, JAS, JAS-Dig Dug 2 and Retrocade data files according to MAME v0.60

Minor mods to the data file for FinalBurn v0.517.

5 May 2002

Data file for FinalBurn v0.517.

3 May 2002

More MAME v0.60 related releases:

Updated the supplementary data files for Final Burn Alpha and RAINE

2 May 2002

Hmmm, I shouldn't have started these because they've taken all evening and I was already tired from excessive work!
I hope there are no errors as I don't have time to fix them...

MAME and MAME Changes data files for MAME v0.60.

Data files for the new Nebula, WinKawaks and FinalBurn.

Updated CPS-2, Neo-Geo, NeoJukeBox, Nebula Jukebox and QPlayer to match MAME v0.60.

John IV has updated his Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

22 April 2002

It looks unlikely that I'll have any time for emulation for at least the next couple of weeks so...

I've updated DatUtil and MAMEDiff in case there is a new MAME release while I'm gone.

MAMEDiff v1.12 and DatUtil v1.19:

Added support for the PGM resource to both of them.

20 April 2002

Released DatUtil v1.18 for the benefit of PinMAME users.

15 April 2002

Released data files for Nebula v2.12.

14 April 2002

Added Bang Bead and KOF2001 to the Neo-Geo, NeoJukeBox and Nebula Jukebox data files.

9 April 2002

Xray1 updated the MAME Flyers data file for Flyer Pack 19.

Updated Zinc data files for v0.8+

Updated other data files to match Zinc:

Sony ZN-1/ZN-2, NeoJukeBox, Nebula Jukebox, QPlayer

7 April 2002

Released a new tool!

ZIPIdent v1.0

4 April 2002

Updated data files for Nebula Jukebox v2.1 (added bucky and moo).

Released MAMEDiff v1.11:

Made internal 'fix-merging' logic check CRC as well as name.
Increased maximum ROM name length to 20 (for neopong).
Minor fix relating to ROM names that are too long.
Exits gracefully when the maximum no of games/ROMs reached.

...and DatUtil v1.17:

- Made 'fix-merging' option check the CRC as well as the name.
- Fix merging option warns of CRC conflicts it finds. Useful test!
- Strips trailing spaces from Nebula ROM names (for convenience).
- Executable is called 'datutil.exe' again.

2 April 2002

More updates for last Friday's CPS2Shock release:

WinKawaks v1.42, Nebula v2.11, Final Burn Alpha v0.2.6, ACE v1.9, Calice v0.5.4

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