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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

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21 December 2002

Uploaded data files for RAINE v0.37.0 and updated data files for Hoot (Crashtest's version)

19 December 2002

Uploaded data files for YAAME v0.3 and Hoot (Crashtest's version)

Hoot data file was mainly created by Ben Jos but had some additional work from me.

17 December 2002

Ben Jos updated the data file for CottAGE v0.12.

15 December 2002

Uploaded new data files for MAME Artwork and MAME Marquees

9 December 2002

Added supplementary dats for MAME Test Drivers.

Updated dats for Nebula Jukebox to match the new release (v2.5).

7 December 2002

Two completely new dats:

MAMu's Icons v0.62 (by Eldio) and MAME Test Drivers v0.62 (by Ben Jos)


Laser v0.20a and M1 v0.7.1

6 December 2002

Missed two uploads last night:

Nebula and QPlayer

5 December 2002

Uploaded lots of new/changed data files:

M1, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox, Calice

CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo

MAME Artwork, Cabinets, Flyers, Icons, Marquees, Samples, Snaps and Titles

3 December 2002

Added year and manufacturer information to the data file for M1 v0.7.1

2 December 2002

Uploaded data file for M1 v0.7.1

I have to say, listening to Outrun whilst preparing the upload was quite enjoyable. :)

Thanks go to TAS 2012 for providing the basis of this data file.

1 December 2002

Today's uploads:

Final Burn, Nebula, Nebula Model 2, ZN

30 November 2002

Rosewood has packaged up some of the MAME related supplement changes:

FBA, RAINE, WinKawaks, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox

14 November 2002

A few things for you all:

MAMEDiff v1.14 (needed for MAME v0.62)

Dats for MAME v0.62 and MAME Changes v0.62

7 November 2002

Ben Jos updated the data file for Daphne v0.99.5a.

SLA updated the data file for CottAGE v0.10.

1 November 2002

Updated the data file for Daphne v0.99.5a (added Bega's Battle).

31 October 2002

A variety of updates, mainly trivial:

Neo-Geo, Calice, Nebula, WinKawaks, Daphne v0.99.5a, Mimic v2.10, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox

27 October 2002

Created data file for Nebula Model 2

23 October 2002

A couple of releases from the team:

SLA updated the data file for Nebula and I updated CPS-1

13 October 2002

Updated the Older Emus archive:

Removed U64Emu 1+2 (it is now new again)!
Added MultiPac v0.8, Lady Bug Arcade Machine Emulator v0.5,
Mr. Do! Arcade Machine Emulator and Pengo Arcade Machine Emulator v0.5.

12 October 2002

Included some driver fixes in the Calice archive and changed the dat to match (i.e. no ROM name conflicts anymore):

Calice v0.6.4

9 October 2002

The data file flood continues!

Laser v0.20, Mimic v2.08

Put the U64Emu data file back online too!

7 October 2002

Uploaded a few data files:

Neo-Geo, CPS-1, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox, QPlayer

5 October 2002

Uploaded a data file for Calice v0.6.4

3 October 2002

Updated a variety of data files:

ACE, Older Emus, Viva Nonno, Zinc and ZN.

As always, the changes are described in the history section of each page.

More updates!

MAME Artwork, MAME Flyers, MAME Samples, MAME Marquees.

1 October 2002

Back from my holiday and cleared more of the backlog:

RAINE v0.36.1, Daphne v0.99.5, FBA v0.2.93.

Uploaded John IV's data files for Snaps and Titles.

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