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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


25 June 2003

New system data file releases:

CPS-1, CPS-2 and Neo-Geo

21 June 2003

I made a quick change to my compile guide for MAME (Windows).

As of MAME v0.68, DirectX 7 has been used so the little section that explained the installation of DirectX 6.1 has been removed.

19 June 2003

A couple more MAME resource collections for you to update:

MAME Marquees and MAMu's Icons

15 June 2003

After major hard disk problems at ZTNet earlier this week is up and running again to bring you data files for MAME v0.70:
(Some of the corrupted data files are still in the server cache, there is nothing we can do but wait.)

MAME v0.70, MAME Changes v0.70 and MAME Test Drivers v0.70

Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Titles and CrashTest's Screenshots

CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo

Nebula, WinKawaks and M1

7 June 2003

Released DatUtil v1.24 to support resource ROMs properly in RomCenter 2.

Rebuilt some RomCenter 2 data files using DatUtil v1.24:

MAME and MAME Changes (for MAME v0.68 and v0.69).

3 June 2003

Updated the CPS-2 data files with the new XORs and clones.

1 June 2003

Updated data files for CPS-1, Neo-Geo and M1 v0.7.2.

Also a small update to the MAME Titles data file.

25 May 2003

Team Logiqx has brought you data files for MAME v0.69:

MAME v0.69, MAME Changes v0.69 and MAME Test Drivers v0.69

Icons, Snaps, Marquees and Titles

Nebula, Neo-Geo and M1

21 May 2003

Another update to MAMEDiff (v1.19) has allowed us to create all of the data files and supplements for you now.

After a fair number of complications caused by MAME v0.68, Rosewood has now been able to package these up for you. What a star!

MAME v0.68, MAME Changes v0.68 and MAME Test Drivers v0.68

Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Marquees, CrashTest's Screenshots, Titles and Samples

Final Burn, FBA, Nebula, RAINE, WinKawaks

CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo


19 May 2003

Updated versions of DatUtil and MAMEDiff for the do-it-yourself types.

Sorry for the delay, I'm pretty busy right now.

6 May 2003

Updated the CPS-1 and Neo-Geo data files.

Moved some emulators into the 'Older Emus' archive.

Updated ROMBuild in relation to MAME v0.67 .

24 April 2003

Rosewood has created a data file for the last release of Nebula.

18 April 2003

Rosewood has brought you a data file for the new release of Kawaks.

13 April 2003

Updated the CPS-2 data files for the recent XOR release.

9 April 2003

A couple more updates relating to MAME v0.67:

M1 (less games required in a supplement now) and CrashTest's MAME Screenshots

None of the other supplements or resources need updating so I have just added comments to the relevant pages.
I'm not going to update ZIP contents where the only change is the MAME version number anymore. ;)

7 April 2003

About one week ago was the third anniversary of this site!
It's not quite showing 1 million visitors but from the number of times that the counter has broken,
that day may have passed long ago. ;)

Right, on to the latest releases. There are two tool updates for the Konami GX games:

DatUtil v1.22 and MAMEDiff v1.16

Rosewood has prepared many of the MAME updates:

MAME v0.67, MAME Changes v0.67 and MAME Test Drivers v0.67

Marquees, Cabinets, Icons, Snaps and Titles

I also updated the Nebula Model 2 data files for the release last week.

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