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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

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21 September 2003

I've had a bit of a tidy up and moved a variety of data files into the Older Emus collection.

19 September 2003

It's about time I released data files for WinKawaks v1.47b

18 September 2003

All of the relevant data files have been updated for MAME v0.74:

MAME, MAME Changes and MAME Test Drivers

Nebula, Neo-Geo, M1

CrashTest's Screenshots, Cabinets, Icons, Marquees, Snaps, Titles.

Also updated the data file for Viva Nonno

14 September 2003

Released DatUtil (v1.26) and data file for Nebula v2.23c.

Finally released a data file for Daphne v0.99.6.
Note: I re-uploaded a better version about 1 hour after the first version.

Also, for those of you who would like to know how to create the various flavours of the MAME data files (changes, supplements, etc) there has been a guide written for you by Amiga Boy. It looks accurate to me and is well worth a try when the next MAME release comes out . :)

7 September 2003

All of the relevant data files have been updated for MAME v0.73:

MAME, MAME Changes and MAME Test Drivers


Artwork, Samples, Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Panels, Titles.

28 August 2003

Uploaded resources that are dated 26/08/2003. :)

Artwork, Samples, Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Marquees, Titles and CrashTest's Screenshots

25 August 2003 - Part 2

Uploaded the data file for RAINE v0.38.1

25 August 2003

Sorry, been busy lately but here is some of the MAME v0.72 stuff:


DatUtil (v1.25) and MAMEDiff (v1.20).

Data Files

MAME v0.72, MAME Changes v0.72 and MAME Test Drivers v0.72

CPS-2, Neo-Geo

Final Burn, FBA

Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox, QPlayer and M1

Still To Come

Data files for MAME resources, RAINE (v0.38.1), Kawaks (v1.47b) and Nebula (v2.23c).

9 July 2003

The last remaining MAME v0.71 data files:

Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Panels, MAMu's Icons and CrashTest's Screenshots

5 July 2003

First batch of data files for yesterdays release of MAME v0.71:

MAME v0.71, MAME Changes v0.71 and MAME Test Drivers v0.71

CPS-2, Neo-Geo

Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox, QPlayer

FBA, Nebula, WinKawaks and M1

More releases:

Flyers, Marquees, Titles

Nebula Model 2

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