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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

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31 December 2003

Almost certainly the last release of the year!


DatUtil (v1.28) and MAMEDiff (v1.22).

Data Files

M1 v0.7.3

Ben Jos has also written some notes on the history of MAME's listinfo.

29 December 2003

Here comes the first batch of stuff for MAME v0.78:


DatUtil (v1.27) and MAMEDiff (v1.21).

Data Files

MAME v0.78, MAME Changes v0.78

Nebula, M1, FBA

19 December 2003

Released ROMBuild v1.16 to avoid the problem of it hanging on CHDs.

22 November 2003

Finally found time to create a data file for the new version of Nebula (v2.23d).

Also created a data file and supplements for FBA v0.2.94.96.

17 November 2003

A few more updates for MAME v0.77:

Artwork, Panels, Titles.

Also, a new Nebula Model 2

13 November 2003

Here are the MAME v0.77 updates from Rosewood:

MAME and MAME Changes.


Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Titles.

And one more for now:


22 October 2003

Released ROMBuild v1.15 to cope with some of the game changes/additions in MAME v0.74 and v0.75.

19 October 2003

Here are the few updates that are required in relation to MAME v0.76:

MAME and MAME Changes.

Cabinets, Icons, Snaps, Titles.

There is also a new CPS-2 data file, courtesy of Razoola and rosewood.

14 October 2003

Here is the tonight's work from Rosewood and myself:
Everything relates to MAME v0.75, except for Nebula Model 2.

MAME and MAME Changes. Test Drivers is no longer required.

Final Burn, FBA, Nebula, RAINE, WinKawaks, M1

CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo

Nebula Model 2

Icons, Snaps, Titles.

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