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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


15 March 2004

I have uploaded Roman's resource data files:

MAME Artwork and Samples

Due to time pressures and such like, I've decided that I will not host the other resource data files anymore.
Keeping them up to date after a MAME release is too much of a chore for me!
I hope that you understand my decision... Logiqx

9 March 2004

Released ROMBuild v1.18

This version supports the new Neo-Geo dumps from MAME v0.80 and can convert them backwards for other emulators.

8 March 2004

Uploaded data files for Nebula v2.24.

7 March 2004

Updated MAMEDiff (v1.26).
Also re-created the supplement and changes data files for MAME v0.79 (using the new MAMEDiff).
The old data files had some long filenames truncated but this problem is fixed by MAMEDiff v1.26.

Released some new data files for MAME v0.80:

MAME and MAME Changes

FBA, Nebula, RAINE, WinKawaks, M1

Neo-Geo, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox

2 March 2004

Released some updated data files:

RAINE (v0.39.4d), WinKawaks (v1.49), M1 (v0.7.5a3) and ZN (20040302).

1 March 2004

I am back from a weekend away and found that the first emulator has been released that supports the new Neo-Geo re-dumps.

Since it was such a simple matter for me to provide a tool that can build them for you, here it is:

ROMBuild [MAME v0.80 special] (yes, it was named in advance of any emulator releases)

29 games have been re-dumped but 3 of the games only have changes in the parent.

This tool will create ROMs for all 29 games, although in a split-merged ROM collection it is only the 26 parent ZIPs that must change (the number of games that the tool says it supports).

26 February 2004

Finally added disk support to DatUtil (v1.32).

5 February 2004

Updated the Older Emus archive, moving some more data files into it.

Released data file for RAINE v0.39.3

Released ROMBuild v1.17

3 February 2004

Uploaded data files for WinKawaks v1.48

2 February 2004

Quite a few people ask me how to download data files for old versions of MAME.

To solve this problem, the site can now dynamically a list all of the ZIPs that are still online:

MAME and MAME Changes

1 February 2004

The data file updates continue...

Neo-Geo, Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox and QPlayer

Be sure to check all of yesterdays updates in case you missed any!

31 January 2004

Made a small enhancement to DatUtil (v1.31) and MAMEDiff (v1.25).
They now write 'flags nodump' rather than 'crc 00000000', for improved CMPro resource handling.

Updated data files in relation to MAME v0.79:

MAME and MAME Changes

Final Burn, FBA, Nebula, RAINE, WinKawaks, M1

The resource data files (CPS-2, Neo-Geo and ZN) also need updating but I'll do those later.

...some time later...

There is a new CPS-2 data file for you all (not just a supplement update).

...and a little later still...

MAME Artwork and Samples

...and finally...

Uploaded new ZN data files for Capcom ZN-1 and ZN-2 games.

24 January 2004

Made some enhancements to DatUtil (v1.30) and MAMEDiff (v1.24).

Released data files for M1 v0.7.4b and RAINE v0.39.2.

Changed the menu on the left of this page slightly, tidied up the links page and also removed the 'MAME MD5' experiment.

I have also fixed all of the broken links on this site and removed old files from the server.

20 January 2004

Released some bug fixes for my tools... DatUtil (v1.29) and MAMEDiff (v1.23).

I have also rebuilt the MAME v0.78 data files using the new tools.
Note: The most affected collection is 'MAME v0.78 (Split-merged Changes)' - it is now much smaller!

17 January 2003

I have updated my guide about compiling WinMAME and RAINE32.
Hopefully it is now a little clearer about how you can use new versions of the various tools when they are released.
The guide has been tested using the older versions of the tools (available at CAESAR) and also the latest versions at SourceForge, etc.

I have also updated the information section at the top of the news page.

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