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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


23 September 2004

Released all of the required updates for MAME v0.87.

Get them from the data files page.

I have also removed my CPS-2 page now because I am bored of maintaining it!

10 September 2004

Released a data file for RAINE v0.41.1.

Updated ROMBuild since some of the RAINE ROMs no longer need building.

24 August 2004

Only a few updates are required for MAME v0.86:

MAME and MAME Changes

RAINE (Supplements) and M1 (Supplements)

19 August 2004

Added AdvanceScan and Mamory to the links page.

Added MAME Merge and SetCleaner too.

18 August 2004

Released DatUtil v2.7 and MAMEDiff v2.10 - see the release notes for what's new.

DatLib v1.10 also goes with these releases.

17 August 2004

Released an update for the Neo-Geo data file.

Released ImgChk v2.4.

Finally, released an update for the CPS-2 data file.

16 August 2004

Back from holiday now so I have released the data files for MAME v0.85:

MAME and MAME Changes

FBA (Supplements), Nebula (Supplements), WinKawaks (Supplements)

RAINE v0.40.5 (plus Supplements)

M1 (Supplements), Nebula Jukebox (Supplements)

MAME Artwork

7 August 2004

8:42am BST - No release of MAME v0.85 yet and I need to leave for my holiday now.

There will be no more updates here for the next week and a bit... bye!

6 August 2004

Released a data file for CrashTest's MAME Screenshots.

I have also decided to release my ImgChk tool to the public. Very few people should actually need it though!

2 August 2004

Released MAMEDiff v2.9 - fixes a bug that was introduced back in v2.6.

1 August 2004

I have created proper data files for NeoJukeBox and QPlayer. They are both in the 'Older Emus' collection.

I have also updated the M1 data file to include the final missing SHA1 information, thanks to RB for providing it to me.

30 July 2004

Released DatUtil v2.6 and MAMEDiff v2.8 - see the release notes for what's new.

DatLib v1.9 also goes with these releases.

27 July 2004

ElSemi has released a cool new SEGA Model 2 Emulator.

I have upload data files for ClrMamePro and RomCenter.

22 July 2004

I have now added an internal XML parser to DatLib v1.8 (so that xml2info.exe is not required anymore).

The following tools have been recompiled so that they include the new parser:

DatUtil v2.5, MAMEDiff v2.7, ROMInfo v2.2 and ZIPIdent v2.2.

21 July 2004

Released DatUtil v2.4 and MAMEDiff v2.6 - see the release notes for what's new.

DatLib v1.7 also goes with these releases.

Note: DatLib is only required if you intend to compile your own versions of tools such as DatUtil and MAMEDiff. All of my tools should compile under MinGW, CygWin and other GCC variants (including on Linux).

18 July 2004

I have added some new features to MAMEDiff v2.5 and DatLib v1.6.

Sample and disk support has been added to the standard MAMEDiff comparisons (i.e. when MAMEDiff is called without any options or when using the -v option).

I have also added support for non-separated BIOS ROMs when using the -d1/-d2/-d3 modes. Switch it on using the -b option.

17 July 2004

I have added Nebula Jukebox support to DatUtil and DatLib:

DatUtil v2.3 and DatLib v1.5

I have therefore created a genuine Nebula Jukebox data file that matches the emulator and also includes MAME supplements.

In addition to this, I have slightly updated the Nebula data file and also written up to date FAQs about the creation of data files for Nebula and Nebula Jukebox.

13 July 2004

I have uploaded Roman's latest MAME Samples data file.

Somewhere along the line I forgot about the rename of BOOM.wav to boom.wav!

Created a new data file for emulator Tickle (currently v0.92).

11 July 2004

I have made a couple of nice additions to DatUtil and DatLib:

DatUtil v2.2 and DatLib v1.4

The other tools have also received updates but they are only important to people using the source. The tools themselves will not behave any differently.

I have also updated all of the data files to include SHA1 information.

6 July 2004

Released an updated data file:

Nebula Model 2

I have also created MAMEDiff v2.3 and DatLib v1.3.

5 July 2004

The improvements continue... I've now turned MAMEDiff into something that can audit ROMs!
This trick is quite useful if you have lots of different collections that you would like to verify using a simple batch script.

MAMEDiff v2.2 and DatLib v1.2

4 July 2004

Birthday releases!

DatUtil v2.1, MAMEDiff v2.1 and DatLib v1.1

2 July 2004

I was going to release these updates on Sunday 4th July but the unexpected release of MAME v0.84 has forced me to do it early!

To celebrate my birthday on Sunday, I have some goodies for you all.

I'd almost given up hope of finding time to create these but I've actually managed to work on them recently...

DatUtil v2.0 and MAMEDiff v2.0 are basically complete rewrites and are now far more powerful.

DatLib v1.0 is now at the heart of all my tools so there are more even tool updates:

ROMBuild v2.0, ROMInfo v2.0 and ZIPIdent v2.0.

I have also brought my FAQs up to date and added a Nebula case study.
Lots of new information has been added so they may be worth reading again!

Released the data files for MAME v0.84:

MAME and MAME Changes

Nebula (Supplements), WinKawaks (Supplements), RAINE (Supplements), M1 (Supplements)

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