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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


29 March 2005

Roman updated the MAME Samples datafile:

Get it now!

28 March 2005

MAME v0.95 and RAINE v0.42.4 have been released.

The data file updates are in the usual place.

I have also updated ROMBuild (v2.6).

25 March 2005

A couple of updates to my tools:

DatUtil v2.16, and DatLib v2.4

7 March 2005

Fixed a bug in DatLib/DatUtil that was caused by the introduction of the -X option. It probably only affected me. ;)

DatUtil v2.15, and DatLib v2.3

6 March 2005

MAME v0.94 has been released.

Only required the following updates from me:

MAME, MAME Changes, M1 (Supplements), CPS-2

I have also updated the Kawaks data file for v1.54 (released earlier this week).

28 February 2005

Lots of releases today... there are updates for all of my tools!

Use the links at the left of this page to access them. Enjoy!

27 February 2005

MAME v0.93 has been released.

It is one of those very rare releases that only requires the following updates from me:

MAME, MAME Changes

24 February 2005

I have updated my compile guides to make use of MSYS.

These changes should make it quicker and simpler for you to to set up a MinGW environment for MAME and/or RAINE.
They also cut down the number of potential mistakes that can be made and avoid common issues like paths conflicts (e.g. different versions of 'make' or 'patch' elsewhere on your machine).

22 February 2005

It's been a whole week since I lasted updated my tools so it's about time for more releases!

DatUtil v2.13, MAMEDiff v2.15 and DatLib v2.1

I have also updated the documentation for ZIPIdent v2.3 because it mentioned MAME listinfo (rather than listxml).

15 February 2005

I have made a big update to the internals of DatLib and therefore released the following updates:

DatUtil v2.12, MAMEDiff v2.14, ZIPIdent v2.3 and DatLib v2.0

13 February 2005

MAME v0.92 has been released so I have updated the following data files:

MAME, MAME Changes,
FBA (Supplements), Nebula (Supplements), Kawaks (Supplements), M1 (Supplements), Nebula Jukebox (Supplements),
CPS-2, Neo-Geo

I have also updated my compile guide for the latest versions of GCC, Binutils and MinGW Runtime.

30 January 2005

MAME v0.91 has been released, you know where to go for the following data files!

MAME, MAME Changes,
FBA (Supplements), Nebula (Supplements), Kawaks (Supplements), M1 (Supplements), Nebula Jukebox (Supplements),
CPS-2 (Supplements), Neo-Geo

I have also updated some data files in the Older Emus pack and released ROMBuild v2.4.

27 January 2005

Released data files for Final Burn Alpha v0.2.95.23 and ZiNc v1.1.

Both are available for download from the data files page.

22 January 2005

Final Burn Alpha v0.2.95.22 is available and includes many changes since the last release (over a year ago).

An updated data file is available for download from the data files page.

16 January 2005

Released DatUtil v2.11, MAMEDiff v2.13 and DatLib v1.14

Updated Older Emus (20050116), Neo-Geo (20050116) and Kawaks (v1.53).

All available for download from the data files page.

13 January 2005

Updated the CPS-2 data file for recent dumps and also upload Roman's new MAME Samples data file.

As usual, get them from the data files page.

6 January 2005

I have added some missing SHA1 information to the Neo-Geo 20050104 data file.

There is no functional change but you can get it from the data files page.

I have also release ROMBuild v2.3

5 January 2005

I have had a bit of a tidy up and also improved a couple of things at the same time:

1. A new counter in the menu bar to the left of this page!

2. The dynamic pages such as past MAME data files and Older Emu contents are now static.
In other words, the server generates them in advance of you viewing them. ;)
This is to get around the intermittent problems that the server has with my cgi scripts.

4 January 2005

Another year and the first couple of data file updates:

1. WinKawaks v1.52 and CPS-2 20050103. Get them from the data files page.

2. Also, I have updated a variety of the Older Emus data files. All of them are available in one big ZIP!

3. Released DatUtil v2.10 and DatLib v1.13

4. Some of my previous updates from the past few days seem to have disappeared too so I have re-uploaded them!

5. Finally, lots of updates for MAME v0.90 (all on the data files page):

MAME, MAME Changes,
RAINE (Supplements), Kawaks (Supplements), M1 (Supplements), Nebula Jukebox (Supplements),
MAME Artwork, MAME Samples,
CPS-1, CPS-2 (Supplements), Neo-Geo

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