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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


25 September 2005

I have released data files for RAINE v0.43.2.

Those of you using the new ClrMamePro 'WWW Update' feature should be able to get them using that!

22 September 2005

ClrMamePro v3.80 has been released and has a WWW update facility.

The XML details that you need for are as follows:

Logiqx - Recent Emus ...
Logiqx - Older Emus ...
Logiqx - Systems ...

If you don't know how to set it up, you should read the file wwwprofiler.txt that comes with CMPro v3.80.

18 September 2005

I have updated the data files for Nebula v2.25

Included in the ZIP I have added some comments about issues that I encountered.

17 September 2005

I have released the data files for MAME v0.100, RAINE v0.43.1, Nebula v2.25, CPS-1 20050917 and CPS-2 20050916.

Supplements for the other data files have been updated to match MAME v0.100 (where necessary).

In addition to that, I have released updates for some of my tools (DatLib v2.7, DatUtil v2.19 and MAMEDiff v2.18).

3 September 2005

I have updated the data files for M1 v0.7.7.

In addition to that, I have updated my compile guides to use the latest versions of the tools and libraries.
Note that RAINE now uses libpng for loading and saving PNG images.

31 August 2005

I have updated the data files for M1 v0.7.6 and RAINE v0.43.0.

In addition to that, I have released bug-fixes for some of my tools (DatLib, DatUtil and MAMEDiff).

18 August 2005

Welcome to the new look site!

I've been wanting to do this for ages but it's always been beneath the CAESAR rewrite on my (never ending) todo list. ;)

It may not look massively different but there are a number of improvements for you guys:

  • Slightly different look (e.g. it has turned blue) and no more annoying frames
  • Simpler URLs (e.g.
  • Links to individual pages are better, due to the removal of frames
  • You can still use any old URLs that you have for a while (to minimise transitional problems)
  • Fully XHTML compliant and use of CSS throughout

11 August 2005

Roman updated the data file for MAME Samples.

7 August 2005

MAME v0.99 was released this weekend.

Data file updates are all on the relevant page of this site!

31 July 2005

Updated data files for Tickle, ZiNc and several others in the 'Older Emus' pack..

Now available for download!

15 July 2005

I am back from holiday and have released updates for MAME v0.98.

No prizes for guessing where they are!

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