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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


24 September 2007

I have uploaded a revised CPS-2 data file and all SuperSet related data files.

The new data files address CPS-2 XORs being in the wrong games (some games were renamed in MAME v0.119).

I have also uploaded data files for MAME Artwork and Samples.

23 September 2007

I have uploaded all necessary data files for MAME v0.119 to (except samples and artwork which I still need to deal with).

09 September 2007

After almost a year, ROMBuild has been updated again.

You can find it in the tools section!

18 August 2007

I have posted all of the necessary updates for MAME v0.118.

I was away when the release occurred and my first week back at work has been busy!

29 July 2007

I've release DatLib v2.21 and DatUtil v2.32 to cope with how MAME now specifies resources in its XML output (MAME v0.117u2).

22 July 2007

I have uploaded some new data files to the site:

1) Neo-Geo update missed some MAME v0.117 sound changes
2) The Artwork and Samples for MAME v0.117

10 July 2007

I have uploaded data files for MAME v0.117.

The Neo-Geo data file has also been updated and a number of the superset supplements have also been affected.

Finally, I have uploaded an update to the CPS-3 emulator datafile because it contained a minor typo.

09 July 2007

I have uploaded data files for ElSemi's "final" release of his CPS3 Emulator.

These were created by neoforma and contain the CHDs for those who want to see the machine setup procedure.

08 July 2007

I have uploaded the data files for RAINE v0.50.5.

It only contains some ROM removals (a game that is now supported through dipswitches instead).

01 July 2007

A few data file uploads today:

1) I have renamed the CPS3 Emulator data file (now includes the word "Play")
2) MAME Samples (for MAME v0.116)
3) MAME Artwork (latest scans)

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