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Welcome to - Source of CMPro/RomCenter data files and other useful tools.

To see who you have to thank for the contents of this site, have a look at the team page.

If you have any questions about the files or utilities provided here, visit the forum.


30 June 2008

I have uploaded data files for FBA v0.2.96.85 and RAINE v0.50.14.

29 June 2008

I have uploaded a couple of minor updates:

DatLib v2.31 and DatUtil v2.41

24 June 2008

I have uploaded a small update to my tools that need to generate XML headers: DatLib v2.30 and DatUtil v2.40

10 June 2008

I have released DatUtil v2.39 and DatLib v2.29.

As always, they are available for download from the tools page.

05 June 2008

I was in too much of a hurry yesterday and missed some ROMs out.

Improved datafiles for the SEGA Model 2 Emulator have been uploaded but I still don't have time to test every game!

Please report any issues in the forum...

04 June 2008

I have uploaded data files for FBA v0.2.96.83, RAINE v0.50.13 and SEGA Model 2 Emulator v0.7.

11 May 2008

I have uploaded MAMEDiff v2.29.

It includes an additional option (-x) for generating supplements where the emulator does not support partial ZIPs, such as FBA.

n.b. It is only applicable when using the -d1 mode.

08 May 2008

I have uploaded datafiles for FBA v0.2.96.82.

07 May 2008

I noticed that the FBA supplements weren't working properly with the emulator itself.
Although FBA supports multiple ROM paths, it doesn't support partial ZIPs (where all of the ROMs are available but are located in more than one ZIP).

I've therefore changed the FBA supplements so that complete ZIPs are generated and everthing works fine now.
Just make sure that the supplement ROMs are in the first ROM path and MAME / SuperSet ROMs are in subsequent paths.

05 May 2008

I have uploaded datafiles for MAME v0.125.

I have also made minor changes to the Nebula and M1 datafiles (changed the "forcenodump" options).

03 May 2008

I have uploaded data files for FBA v0.2.96.81.

20 April 2008

I have re-uploaded all of my recent emulator datafiles in the new Generic XML format, including the MAME Superset datafiles.

These should all work fine in the latest versions of CMPro (3.113) and RomCenter 3 (3.00 release candidate 1).

Update: I have also uploaded XML datafiles for the Older Emus and Systems.

19 April 2008

I have uploaded datafiles for FBA v0.2.96.80.

13 April 2008

I have uploaded datafiles for FBA v0.2.96.79.

In place of the usual CMPro datafile, I've used the new Generic XML format (supported by CMPro and RomCenter 3).

07 April 2008

I have uploaded data files for FBA v0.2.96.77.

06 April 2008

I have released DatLib v2.26 and DatUtil v2.37.

They can be found in the usual locations!

04 April 2008

I've built some new features into DatLib and released a new version DatUtil that makes use of them:

DatLib v2.25 and DatUtil v2.36

In addition to this, I've also released ROMBuild v2.10.

01 April 2008

No, it's not an April Fools Day joke...

I really have updated all of my data files to include full headers!

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